I Read Now

I've found a love for reading again

When I was super young, like under age 11, I really enjoyed reading books. It was quite common for me to read an entire (80-200pg-ish, I’m guessing) book in 24-48hrs & then I’d start another. Books-A-Million was heaven to me. Some of my favorites were; various Mary-Kate & Ashley series, “The Baby Sitters Club”, “Sweet Valley High”, “Goosebumps”, “Chicken Noodle Soup For The Teenage Soul”, etc. Once I got into Middle School, between harder studies, soccer, cheerleading, & swimming, I really didn’t have the time to read. High School was the same way, between the getting high, getting drunk, & getting laid (hahahah) – no free time for reading. As an adult, I’ve just never really had any interest in reading. I mean I’ve always read many blogs & articles, but books just weren’t my thing. That is until super recently…

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A Sweet Visit To Sweet Pete’s

Amazing candy store!

I have a major sweet-tooth, like out of this world. I have always said that it’s almost as if I have two stomachs; my “regular food stomach”, & my “sweets stomach”. What I mean by that is that I can be totally full, where I cannot take a single bite more of dinner (or whatever), but then like two minutes later I’m super ready for dessert. I love cookies, muffins, brownies, cakes, & other baked goods but my favorite way to satisfy my sweet craving is through candy. I mean just ask my husband, he’s pulled many-a-late-night-candy-runs for me over the years (love ya babe). Once I received news of a gourmet candy shop in my town w a good number of vegan options, I knew I had to check it out. Sweet Pete’s is a candy-lover’s dream. Let me show you…

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That’s A Wrap – January 2018

That's A Wrap - January 2018

Hey friends! Sorry I’ve been MIA the past few wks. My computer decided to break & my husband & I had to decide whether to get it fixed or get a new one. We decided on a new one & it just arrived today, Jan 31st, aka just in time for me to write & post my monthly wrap up. Let’s get to it…

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