The Tuesday Night To Start All Tuesday Nights

Gingham for casual date night

My husband, Lorenzo & I are both homebodies. We prefer Netflix on the couch to going to the theater. We order Chinese takeout a lot more than we dine out at restaurants. The list goes on. Even though we are reclusive & that’s never going to change, we do still enjoy going out for dates now & then. We recently decided to have a weekly date night. We chose Tuesday. Last night was the first of our many Tuesday dates to come.

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My Favorite Geometric Pieces Right Now

I couldn’t have cared less about geometry in high school, but I love fashion & design pieces inspired by it! Squares, triangles, lines, zig-zags  – gimmie! There’s something very intriguing about geometric pieces. If you take a look at the pieces I’m sharing today, it’s hard to guess what era they’re inspired by. The same piece can look like it’s inspired by the art-deco time, the 80’s, the 90’s, current, or even the future. I don’t get it, but I love it!





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That’s A Wrap – September 2017

Favorite photos, moments, & finds of September 2017

September was a very reclusive month for me. Between hurricane Irma hitting my city, having an emotional effect on me, my RA & other health issues flaring, etc, I really didn’t feel like going out & about. I spent a lot of the month at home, which can get frustrating, but was made easier thanks to my beautiful fur-kid’os, kitten fosters, & amazing husband. I do have some highlights from the month & I will share them below… Continue Reading