Getting To Know Me, My Life, And What My Blog Is All About

Getting to know me, my life, and what my blog is all about

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Hi there and welcome to my blog. Allow me to introduce myself…

I’m Kara Aragon, a Virgo, from Florida (though I’ve actually never read a horoscope, because I don’t believe in them, we Virgos are skeptical like that). Anywho, I’m an ambivert, which is a mix of both the introvert and extrovert world – yes they actually made a word for that. My friends call me “neurotic”, but I think what they mean is “eccentric”. I’m a lover all things creative; photography, writing, art, fashion, design, etc. I’m also a lover of all things potato; baked, mashed ,fried, hashed, totted, etc.

Welcome to my blog The Karagon

Now allow me to introduce you to the man who had a mullet when we went on our first date 10 long years ago. He may think it’s acceptable to put pineapple on pizza (wrong!) & then eat that pizza straight from the fridge (wrong!), but he’s still the most amazing, compassionate, hardworking, generous man I’ve ever known, & I feel lucky to call him my husband. We’ve made a wonderful family of our own, with our beautiful fur-kid’os. They may not understand the number one rule; “Next to, not on”, but that’s okay, we don’t enforce it anyways.

Welcome to my blog The Karagon

I’ve always considered myself a huge animal lover, but it wasn’t until my early-20s that it grew into my life’s greatest passion. I love EVERY single animal on this planet; cats, dogs, monkeys, pigs, aardvarks, emus, slugs, octopi, weasels, turkeys, capybaras, reindeer, the list goes on & on… I live my life as a proud vegan! (BTW, how do you know when someone is a vegan? Don’t worry. I’ll tell you. I will ALWAYS tell you.) I find myself spending the bulk of my time caring for animals & advocating on their behalf. It’s emotionally-exhausting work, but it’s the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done, & I absolutely love it.

Welcome to my blog The Karagon

I’ve always enjoyed sharing my interests, experiences, & things I’ve learned with others. I started with my Livejournal back in 2004. Hopefully these blog posts won’t embarrass me in the future as much as my old Livejournal posts do now. I’m starting this blog as a way to share some of my favorite things. Here I will share my thoughts, photos, personal style, favorite products, travels, adventures, & more. Since I live my life free from animal cruelty, all of my blog posts will represent those same core values. With regular postings (every Monday & Friday), I will provide you with content that is both current & relevant to the themes of this blog. I really hate saying goodbye, so

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