That’s A Wrap – September 2017

Favorite photos, moments, & finds of September 2017

September was a very reclusive month for me. Between hurricane Irma hitting my city, having an emotional effect on me, my RA & other health issues flaring, etc, I really didn’t feel like going out & about. I spent a lot of the month at home, which can get frustrating, but was made easier thanks to my beautiful fur-kid’os, kitten fosters, & amazing husband. I do have some highlights from the month & I will share them below…

Favorite photos, moments, & finds of September 2017

01. ONE OF MY BFFL’S IS PREGNANT – She hasn’t told everyone yet, BUT since I have six best friends & I’m not saying any hints on which one I’m talking about, I can still post this. Ha! I’m so thrilled for her & I can’t wait to meet my “niece” or “nephew” next Spring 🙂

02. BLACK APRON SOAP – I received three bar soaps by Black Apron Soap (lucid dreamer [lavender & chamomile], activated charcoal turmeric, & lemonbalm turmeric). They all smell amazing. Lemonbalm is my fav, it smells like a lemon head candy & I want to eat it! All of her soaps not only smell amazing but are beautiful, non-drying, & of course, vegan!

Favorite photos, moments, & finds of September 2017

03. LAST DENTIST APPOINTMENT EVER – Okay so not literally “ever”, but I had seven, yes SEVEN dentist appts in the past few months to fix the damage smoking for over twelve years did to my gums. It was an extremely stressful & painful process so I am ecstatic that it’s finally over. If you’re a smoker, I urge you to stop! Check out why/how I quit, my trials & tribulations, & how I feel as a smoke-free human here.

04. ONE YEAR WITH OLIVER – On the 22nd we celebrated one year with our sweet Oliver becoming a member of our family! He was a feral I rescued from our roof that has since become my best little buddy. I love him to pieces. Look how freaking cute he is below…

Favorite photos, moments, & finds of September 2017

05. ANIMAL QOUTE I LOVE – I came across this quote on Facebook & I love it; “Animals are individuals who have a value independent of their usefulness to others”. A-FUCKING-MEN!!!!!!!!!!!!

06. OREO CHEESECAKE – My girl hosted a vegan potluck & I made a few things for it including this delicious Oreo Cheesecake. It’s vegan, duh! And taste super yummy. It was a big hit & I  will definitely make it again!

Favorite photos, moments, & finds of September 2017

07. “WILL & GRACE” RETURNS – Did you know that “Will & Grace” returned for an all-new season on Sept 28th? Original cast & everything. So exciting! I used to watch “Will & Grace” back in the day & I, of course, think it’s hilarious. I’m thrilled it’s back on with the same humor we [W&G fans] love.

08. FIRST GYNO APPT EVER – Okay so this might seem a little TMI, but I don’t care… I went to the Gynecologist for the first time ever. I put it off for sixteen years. I hate going to any doctor, but ever since I got health insurance two years ago, I’ve been one by one going to the bazillions of different doctors I need to go to. I’m an anxiety-ridden paranoid freak so I’m just reallllllly proud of myself for going because I debated cancelling even as I was in the drs office.

Favorite photos, moments, & finds of September 2017

09. S.A.F.E ANIMAL SHELTER NEWS – I mentioned in my post about hurricane Irma that the local animal shelter (S.A.F.E) Lorenzo & I volunteer at & foster through got completely flooded. All animals were saved, & fostered out, but they lost everything else. I volunteered for their auction event in the middle of Sept & over $60K was raised! Whoo! Then last wkend, I worked an adoption event. Eleven animals were adopted including two of our four current fosters. Yayay!

10. LIFE PLANS – Lorenzo & I are always coming up with new ideas & things we want to do with our lives. Well this month we came up with a more definitive timeline of a couple of things & we’re really excited about it. Yes that all sounds very vague & yes I’m going to keep it that way for some time. Just be like “yay” (we are) for us without knowing what exactly I’m talking about, haha.

Favorite photos, moments, & finds of September 2017

That’s it for September. I cannot believe it’s already October! I’m not as much of a fan of fall as it seems like every one else on the planet is. Only for the fact that I very much prefer warmer weather to cooler weather. I am, however excited to bust out my boots soon & eat a fuckload of pumpkin desserts! I hope everyone has a great season 🙂

XOXO, Kara


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