That’s A Wrap – May 2017

And just like that, another month has come & gone. Half of May was honestly extremely stressful. Between not knowing if some of our foster kittens were going to make it, to having the fear that our own fur-kid’o, Titus might die from his sickness – it was a rough few wks! Luckily all looks well for everyone now, & I can finally chill out & enjoy some peace of mind & fun of life. Before we start my FAVORITE month of the entire year, June. Let’s take a look at some of my favs of May.

01. SIX YEARS WITH WILLIAM – The start of this month marked the six year anniversary of when we rescued our son William. In a way I cannot believe it’s already been 6 years. It seems so recent that he was a puppy, running around, destroying everything in his path. On the other hand, I can hardly remember life without him. He adds so much love & joy to our family. We love him to pieces!

02. TASTY BRAND FRUIT GUMMIES – These delicious gummies are actually a healthy choice! Made with no artificial colors or flavors & with 100% daily value of Vitamin C per serving. Also no cruel & yucky animal skin & bones (some call it gelatin) found in these babies! I’ve loved all of the Tasty Brand products I’ve tried thus far, but the fruit gummies are def my fav!

May 2017 Roundup

03. KWANGHO SHIN – Art I could stare at allll dayyy longgg. I didn’t just become familiar with KwangHo Shin’s art this month, but I revisited his work more this month & had to share it with ya’ll. His mix of vibrant oils & charcoal blur the facial details but leave such strong expressions. I would love any & all of his pieces – so incredible!

04. BINGO – This month I played two very different styles of Bingo for the first time. First a simple Bingo night at Mellow Mushroom, where we won a free pizza (veg, duh). Then at a real Bingo hall. One of my best friends, Tracy has been telling me about this Bingo place for years. I finally made it (so did Lorenzo as we made it a double date). I had no idea what to expect, it was so crazy. We played 77 rounds. Most had $50 prizes, some had $250, & the intermission had five $400 rounds. It was really hard to keep up with everything at first. Learning all of the different Bingo patterns & going at the speed they go. I finally got the hang of it & I love it. Lorenzo nor I won anything, THIS time, but we plan to go back once a month for all of time, haha.

May 2017 Roundup

05. KAT VON D LOCK-IT POWDER FOUNDATION – At my most recent Sephora visit I learned that my go-to powder no longer exists. I was & still remain upset about it, but I’m beginning to get over it now thanks to Kat Von D Lock-It Powder Foundation. This product was recommended to me by a Sephora employee & so far I really like it. It goes on smooth, provides excellent coverage, & feels great on the skin. NONE of Kat Von D’s products are ever at any point tested on animals, & MOST (obviously including this powder) are free from any & all animal product.

06. PASSPORTS – Lorenzo & I each got our very first passports! Not that we’re going anywhere particular, but in case we need to leave this Trump dump, now we can!!! I kid. We are actually going on a vacay in a cpl of wks. So excited, can’t wait!

May 2017 Roundup

07. REUSABLE ICE CUBES – I know I’m late on the reusable ice cubes wagon, but better late than never! I purchased these to use in my glass beverage dispenser & not only did they work perfectly, they looked great too. I’ve already purchased another pack so that I can still have enough if I only want to use SOME of the colors at a time.

08. MOUNT EVEREST WEDDING – I came across this link of a couple that got married on Mount Everest. While I’m cold just looking at them, they are some of the most breathtaking wedding photos I’ve ever seen! A must see!

May 2017 Roundup

09. CRANIUM – My friend brought Cranium over & it was so much fun. This board game requires four or more players to allow for two or more teams. With four broad categories & different games within each game, there is a ton of variety. Everything from humming a tune, sculpting clay, drawing a photo blindfolded, & more, it’s impossible to get bored with this game!

10. ONE YEAR SMOKE-FREE – The biggest thing to happen this month was reaching a HUGE milestone! I made is ONE year smoke free!!!!! I am still grinning from ear to ear over the fact that I actually made it. I’m so proud! I posted all about why I quit, how I quit, how I feel now as a non-smoker, & more here. Give it a read if you haven’t yet!

May 2017 Roundup

I’m ending the month of May by going on a double date bowling night tonight. We haven’t bowled in over 4 years & we both sucked before, so we’ll see how it goes, haha. I hope every one had a great month of May. Share your highlight(s) below.

XOXO, Kara


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