That’s A Wrap – March 2017

A round up of all of my favorite products, moments, photos & such from March 2017

From now on my last blog post each month will be a roundup of some of my favorite moments, finds, & photos of that month. So let’s get it started with a look at some of the goodness that was March 2017…

01.  DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME – Can I just say yes, thank goodness, happy-day, yay yay yay! Okay so the first 24 hrs after losing an hr kind of suck, but then it’s back to the RIGHT time schedule. I love how it doesn’t get dark until 7:30-ish. The days feel long, I feel more energized, more eager to get outside & be active, I just feel like I get a ton more done in general. If it were up to me, the whole time change thing would be abolished & we would just stay on this time schedule forever.

02. I HEART KEENWAH CHOCOLATE PUFFS (Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Flavor) – Yo. This snack is sooooooo delicious! Like my new favorite snack in the entire universe. As the name suggests, they’re bite-sized puffs made of quinoa & covered with dark chocolate peanut butter. The quinoa makes this snack healthy & might sound a tad strange, but it taste like candy – delicious candy that just so happens to be healthy, 4 grams of protein, vegan, gluten-free, & fair trade.

A round up of all of my favorite products, moments, photos & such from March 2017

03. DESIGNATED SURVIVOR – Does anyone else watch this show? My Husband & I watched the shows premier & were immediately hooked. It’s such a great show. I would go so far to say it’s one of my fav shows since House MD & Breaking Bad! If you haven’t seen Designated Survivor yet, give it a go, you will not be disappointed!

04. ESARORA ICE ROLLER – I’ve seen this device & similar devices on just about every single beauty blog in existence lately, so I bought one to see if it was worth the hype. These ice rollers are said to revitalize, refresh, & rejuvenate the skin, minimize puffiness, irritation, & redness of the face, & more. I haven’t used it enough to say for sure EVERYTHING that it can & cannot do, however I DO know that it’s relaxing as hell & at $10.99 that alone makes it a worthwhile purchase.

A round up of all of my favorite products, moments, photos & such from March 2017

05. MEETUP ACTIVIST MEETING – We had a small but productive meetup w some fellow animal rights activists a cpl of wks ago. We met to brainstorm new ideas, plan future outreach, etc. We (primarily my smart & sexy vegan Husband actually) came up with one great idea in particular that’s a totally new direction. Now it’s time to put the plans into action!

06. ADAM MARTINAKIS – I came across an incredible artist on Instagram, that I want to tell every one about because his talent is like no other. Adam Martinakis is a 3d digital artist. The creativity & movement seen in his work is absolutely stunning. I could happily get lost on his website for hrs.

A round up of all of my favorite products, moments, photos & such from March 2017

07. COLOR ME CORAL – I’m really loving the color coral right now. Every time I walk into a store it’s the coral products that are catching my eye. And when I’m online shopping, what does my cart have in common lately? Everything in it is coral or matches coral. It’s such a perfect color for spring. My fingernails would even be coral right now if it were up to me. I bought this new color that looked stunning in the bottle, it even has the word “coral” in it’s polish name, however once it was on my nails it was the most highlighter orange I’ve ever seen. Yikes! Oh well it’s staying on my nails a few days more.

08. JOHN O’DONOHUE QOUTE – I read this quote online a few days ago, & I had to screenshot it because I love it so much… “When our eyes are graced with wonder, the world reveals its wonders to us. So much depends on HOW we look at things. The quality of our looking determines WHAT we come to see.” – John O’Donohue

A round up of all of my favorite products, moments, photos & such from March 2017

09. XHILIRATION JOGGER PANTS – I recently purchased these pants from Target & they are THE most comfortable pants I’ve ever owned! When wearing them I’m just like “OMG feel my pants” to my Husband alllll day long. They are perfect for lounging around the house. They also come in solid black, which I plan to purchase. These pants are what dreams are made of. You need them in your life. Trust me!

10. SARAH’S RED VELVET CRINKLE COOKIES I’m saying farewell to March while indulging in cookies from this delicious cookie recipe that I made earlier today. It’s my second time making this recipe, but the first time they were white-chocolate-chip-less due to the fact that I couldn’t find vegan ones. Well thanks to my recent stop at Rabbit Food Grocery in Austin, I now own several bags & used them for the first time today. Purchase them here. This recipe is so yummy, with or without the chips! Mmmm!

A round up of all of my favorite products, moments, photos & such from March 2017

I hope ya’ll had a great March 2017 & even though tomorrow is my least favorite holiday (I hate liars, or as some of you refer to them, April Fool’ers), I’m really looking forward to a wonderful April 🙂

XOXO, Kara




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