That’s A Wrap – July 2017

July, per usual was hot, hot hot! On this last day of July the temperature is actually about 10 degrees lower than it’s been (thanks rain), but it’s still 89 degrees with a humidity level of 700,000. Yikes! Despite the hot flashes, sweat, melting, & feeling of death, it was a pretty great month, haha. Let’s take a look at some July highlights…

01. SPANISH MUSIC – As I mentioned last month, my Hubberkins & I are learning Spanish. Aside from our Spanish-teaching videos & quizzes, I have been listening to music soley in Spanish. Like literally all day while I’m home working, cooking, in the car, etc. I love it! I have no idea what 90% of the words are, but nonetheless, I jam out & I get the songs stuck in my head, haha. I think I’ll post a playlist after another month of two of coming up with more favs 🙂

02. THE CARMICHAEL SHOW – I know I’m late to the party, & I know it’s not coming back for a 4th season (booo!!!!), but I just started watching “The Carmichael Show” & it is hilarious!! I seriously want to quote the whole show because it’s so freaking funny!

That's A Wrap - July 2017

03. AVIREO – Love love loving one of my newest nail lacquers, “Avireo” by LVX. It’s a muted stone green – a beautiful shade. LVX colors are ALL cruelty-free, vegan, & high quality.

04. VEGAN COOKOUT – A couple of weeks ago Lorenzo & I helped coordinate & put on an all-vegan cookout meetup. The menu consisted of; vegan hot dogs, bean burgers, baked beans, coleslaw, potato salad, & watermelon. We had a turn out of about 40 people. It was a blast. I’m sure we’ll do another one in the future for sure!

That's A Wrap - July 2017

05. LOGAN – Yo. You NEED to see the most recent wolverine movie, “Logan”. I love all of the X-Men movies, old & new, but this one is in a league of it’s own. Absolutely amazing! Quite gorey though just an fyi.

06. ECLECTIC BARN HOUSE – This house on Apartment Therapy is amaziiiing! The exterior alone is to die for. If it were my house, I would just stand outside, staring at the beauty every day. Of course the interior is so dreamy as well. Some highlights for me include all of the build-ins, the kitchen cabinets, bathroom tiles, doors, walls, hell, just about everything.

That's A Wrap - July 2017

07. NAME 5 – A few days ago, I hosted a lovely girls night at my house. We had delicious apps, & played a cpl of games. One of the games we played was “Name 5”. As it sounds, the object of the game is to name 5, more specifically name 5 things in various categories in under 30 seconds. Some questions were pretty easy. Others were much harder. The time limit is what can really getcha. It was a really fun game, family friendly too (unlike most of the games we play, haha).

08. CAULIFLOWER BBQ WINGS – Also related to my girls night, was this delicious Cauliflower BBQ Wing recipe. It’s actually become a girls night tradition, as I’ve made it every single time I’ve hosted girls night game night. It’s a pretty easy recipe, a great meat-free option, & every one loves it!

That's A Wrap - July 2017

09. VEGAN ROBS SWEET & SALTY POPCORN – Okay so there are a lot of popcorns out there that are vegan. I’ve had many delicious ones, but out of all of them my absolute fav is Vegan Rob’s Sweet & Salty Popcorn. I don’t usually like the whole sweet & salty combo. I typically prefer the two stay separate, but this caramel with subtle salt popcorn is literal perfection. So good! You’ve gotta try it!

10. FRIEDRICH NIETZSCHE QOUTE – One of my favorite quotes I heard again this month & wrote down this time so not to forget it, “To live is to suffer. To survive is to find some meaning in the suffering” – Friedrich Nietzshe.

That's A Wrap - July 2017

XOXO, Kara

PS. Sorry I haven’t done many OOTD posts lately. I’ve had major right foot pain since returning from Mexico. My x-rays show no broken bones, but there is significant swelling & bruising that comes & goes. My primary doctor isn’t sure what’s up. I’ve been referred to a specialist, but I’m not sure when that apt will take place. It has literally been difficult to even stand, much less walk for the past 6 wks, so shooting looks has been quite the struggle. I did manage to walk my dogs for the first time in over a month just a cpl of days ago, so that’s something! I decided that even if I have to sit in all of my photos (let’s hope not), I WILL resume OOTD posts this wk!



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