That’s A Wrap – August 2017

That's A Wrap - August 2017

Usually when I’m writing my monthly wrap-up’s, I cannot believe how fast the month went by. Not this time! August actually went by super slow. I think that’s because at the beginning of the month I broke my left foot & pinky toe (my first broken bones ever). I was therefore unable to do much of anything considering it was hard just to walk from my front door to the car. I spent a lot of August being bored, a feeling I typically don’t even have the time to feel. Despite the physical pain & mental boredom, there were, of course, still some great moments & finds in the month of August. Allow me to share what those moments & finds were…

01. TWO YEAR WEDDING ANNIVERSARY – Lorenzo & I celebrated our two year wedding anniversary on August 1st. We decided to stay in town this year. We experienced a couple of local “firsts” & had a beautiful day together. I love my babe. Cheers to many decades more together 🙂

02. FOUR NEW FOSTER KITTENS – We have four new foster kittens; Evie, Kona, Lincoln, & Nokio. They are all so playful, so cuddly, & so sweet. Follow me on snap to see daily photos & videos of these cuties & more. Snapchat = TheKaragon

That's A Wrap - August 2017

03. BEANITOS CHIPS – Beanitos chips are basically the healthy version of Doritos. Chips made out of beans, higher in protein & fiber, & lower in fat & yucky ingredients than your typical chip. About half of Beanitos line is vegan. My fav flavor is Garden Fresh Salsa. Buy them here.

04. LONG BANGS – It’s been around a year since I started growing out my bangs & they are officially long enough that I have to use detangler (It’s A 10 Miracle Leave-In Product, duh) on them! Yay! After 6 years of straight-across bangs, I am like 1/3 of the way to my goal of one-length of long ass hair 🙂

That's A Wrap - August 2017

05. GORGEOUS FLORAL HOME – It’s no secret that I love love love floral prints & this house is a dream. Floral patterns & plants fill this home – so stunning. You’ll definitely want to pin!

06. CHOCOLATE CHIP PEANUT BUTTER BARS – There’s basically no better combination than chocolate & peanut butter & this easy-to-make recipe has both, can be made vegan, & is sooooooo delicious. Simply use vegan chocolate chips (I prefer Enjoy Life brand) & a plant-based milk (I typically use vanilla almond milk for sweets) & boom, vegan. So yummy, you’ve got to try these bars!

That's A Wrap - August 2017

07. WRITING A BOOK – I’ve wanted to write a book (or two or several) since pretty much forever. I have finally started writing one. Yay! I’m keeping the specifics secret, obviously, but the vague category is “Commentary” & it will be written in my casual writing style.

08. INSTAGRAM GIVEAWAY WINNER – This month I won my fourth Instagram Giveaway & this one was the biggest one yet. Prizes valued over five hundred dollars! The giveaway consisted of vegan skincare, cosmetics, sweets, yoga attire, & a book. I’m so happy & grateful!

That's A Wrap - August 2017

09. MY 28TH BIRTHDAY – On the 27th, I turned twenty-eight years old. Even though this month didn’t go by fast, this year sure did. As did the prior decade & a half. I often find myself saying “blah blah a few years ago”, but then I realize I was sixteen at the time & that was NOT even close to just a few years ago. Check out my birthday post of twenty-eight facts about myself here. My birthday party post will come out next week 🙂

10. TARTIEST CREAMY MATTE LIP PAINT – My free birthday gift from Sephora included this great matte lip color, Birthday Suit. I love a great nude lip color & I will definitely check out more Tarte vegan lip shades!

That's A Wrap - August 2017

That’s this month’s wrap-up. My September schedule is already pretty full. I have multiple pet adoption events as well as multiple animal shelter fundraisers. I am hoping it will be a great month for the animals. That brings me to what’s really heavy on my heart right now… Houston. I am of course thinking a lot about Houston. My heart is absolutely broken with what all has occurred & will continue to come about from Harvey. I cannot even get on Facebook because all of the photos of abandoned animals, scarred children, etc are so devastating. I am glad to see there are compassionate people who have traveled from near & far to Houston to help in whatever ways they can, donated funds or goods, etc. I hope that peace can eventually be found for those affected by this tragedy. I know I am hugging my animals & loved ones extra tight these days. Always be grateful <3

That's A Wrap - August 2017

XOXO, Kara


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