Stir-Crazy In The Aragon Household!

Stir-Crazy In The Aragon House

Sickness has taken over the Aragon household, thus we are bound to our house, thus we are going a bit stir-crazy!

Stir-Crazy In The Aragon House

A little over two weeks ago, one of our cats Titus became sick. Multiple vet visits, every lab test in existence, & ultimately his most recent symptoms finally led us to the diagnosis of a virus. He likely caught the virus from the kittens we are fostering from the shelter (despite them showing no symptoms themselves & the fact that we go to extreme measures to keep our fur-kid’os & our fosters separate). He was placed on two medications, one to help his eyes, the other to prevent any other illnesses while his immune system was weakened. Luckily he quickly got better. However despite that great news, we were still told to keep him quarantined from all of our other animals for FOURTEEN days.

A wk later, completely unrelated to the cat virus (obviously), my husband Lorenzo got sick. It started with a scratchy throat & we both hoped it wasn’t the beginning of the common cold. But to our disappointment, he woke up the next morning with all of the typical crappy cold stuff; stuffy/runny nose, headache from hell, all over body aches, etc. It was obvious that he felt horrible. I gave him my best wishes, but I stayed far the hell away from him because, you know, I didn’t want to catch it!

Well despite no hugging, no cuddling, certainly no kissing, & even sleeping in separate rooms every night since he first felt sick, I still woke up this morning w that scratchy throat feeling. Even though it’s still day one, I already have the stuffy nose. I’m sneezing like every 5 seconds, my head feels like it’s about to explode, & I’m super miserable. How I caught his sickness? I don’t know. The ONE pro to my auto-immune disease is that I have too many anti-bodies & thus I almost never get sick. I haven’t had a cold in years, like since Spring 2011, but I guess I was finally “due”.

Stir-Crazy In The Aragon House

All three of us are already super sick of not only feeling crappy, but of being forced to stay home! Poor Titus has been beyond ready to leave our bedroom which he’s been quarantined to for the past 13 days. He only has a little over 24 hrs till he is free to roam the house, but at this point I’m sure every minute feels like days to him. Lorenzo has had to go to work despite being sick, but he has been at home & a lot more sedentary than usual, & that’s no fun. Even though I’ve only had cold symptoms for 14hrs now, I was already basically bed-ridden all of this past wk thanks to being a woman & having that whole bloody ordeal (British pun intended).

Stir-Crazy In The Aragon House

So how do we keep all three of us from only going slightly stir-crazy & not actually losing our minds completely? By doing any / all of the following things;

01. String toy cat fun. 4 out of 6 of our cats say this one is their fav.

02. Laser lights show. Like literally lights off, multiple lasers, cat going ape-shit, super entertaining.

03. Re-organize things (closets, cabinets, folders, etc).

04. Read a book that’s so interesting you forget how miserable you are to be stuck at home.

05. Watch a tv series that’s so interesting you forget how miserable you are to be stuck at home.

06. Leave the en-suite door open so your quarantined cat can go on bathroom explorations.

07. Play card games. Some personal favs; War, Blackjack, UNO, Phase 10.

08. Text all of your peeps that you keep meaning to catch up w but never seem to have the time to.

09. Take lots of naps, cuddle your cat, take cat naps.

10. Eat as much ice cream as you want. It helps soothe sore throats & when you’re sick you get to indulge in however many calories you want. My new fav ice cream flavor is Breyers Non-Dairy Vanilla Peanut Butter. You gotta try it!

11. Sneak outside, but stay on your property because passing germs around isn’t cool, but even just 5 mins of fresh air & some vitamin D can do wonders for the mind & body!

12. Write a blog post, duh 🙂

Stir-Crazy In The Aragon House

That’s all for today homies! Stay healthy & hand-sanitize like a mother fucker!

XOXO, Kara


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