Happy 28th Birthday To Me + 28 Facts About Me

Happy 28th Birthday To Me + 28 Facts About Me

Whoa. Typing “Happy 28th Birthday To Me” in the title of this post really freaks me the hell out. Twenty-eight. Twenty-mother-fucking-eight. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28. Double 14. FOUR times 7. Holy moly! Okay so aside from feeling super freaked out about time & the rate at which it flies, I DID have a great birthday party with family & friends yday. And today (my actual birthday) is a romantic chill day with my hubberkins, & our beautiful fur-kid’os. My blog is a little over 6 months old now, & I’ve let ya’ll know some random facts about me throughout my posts, but there is still a lot more to know. Here are 28 facts more that aren’t the typical my favorite color/food/song/etc

Happy 28th Birthday To Me + 28 Facts About Me

01. First, allow me to introduce myself: my name is Kara, that’s Car (as in the thing you drive) – Uh NOT Care (as in to be concerned) – Uh. It is a rare day that people pronounce my name correctly & that includes people I’ve known for years, of course my own Paw-Paw calls me “Karla” on accident all of the time, lol.

02. My husband, Lorenzo & I met on Myspace at the ripe ages of sixteen & eighteen. It took almost two years for us to actually hang out.

03. I’m Norwegian & Mexican. My palest skin on the planet & blue eyes are from my Norwegian side & my sideburns are from my Mexican side, heh. I’d love to do the DNA testing thing soon.

04. I quit eating meat over seven years ago. I quit consuming all other animal products three & a half years ago. I am a passionate vegan & animal rights activist.

05. Lorenzo & I have rescued, rehabilitated, & rehomed thirty-four animals to date. My number one dream is to own & operate a non-profit animal rescue on a much larger scale.

06. I collect the following items; rocks, enamel pins, novelty decks of cards, nail polish, penguin items (like literally anything that has a penguin on it), & throw blankets.

07. I’ve never seen the following super famous movies; “Titanic”, “The Godfather”, “Wizard Of Oz”, “Starwars”, & a whole lot of others. No interest, sorry.

Happy 28th Birthday To Me + 28 Facts About Me

08. I’ve worn contacts since age eleven. I am extremely near-sighted (I can’t see far, though “far” is not that far). To give you an idea of how bad my vision is, I literally cannot even tell I am me when looking into the bathroom mirror sans contacts.

09. I have gone into hypothermia four times in the past three years. Three of the four times were in Florida. I literally cannot go places when it snows & such as I will likely die (makes me very sad).

10. I like the actual ketchup more than whatever I’m dipping in the ketchup.

11. With the exception of dipping fried goods in ketchup, I CANNOT have my foods touch one another. I also eat each food individually, eating one completely before moving on to the next.

12. My biggest fear is that I will be falsely accused & punished for a crime that I did not commit.

13. I quit drinking alcohol at age fifteen. I haven’t had a single sip since then & I wouldn’t for a million dollars, seriously.

14. I don’t eat or drink after ANYONE. Yes that includes Lorenzo. I never have & I never will. Yuckyyy!

Happy 28th Birthday To Me + 28 Facts About Me

15. I could never fall asleep with socks on nor with the blankets tucked in. I HATE feeling constricted, also I’m not a psychopath 😛

16. I get in bed at 12:30pm & wake up at 10:30am almost every day with no alarm, just like clockwork.

17. I didn’t learn how to swim until age ten. A few months later, I was winning heats on a swim team. A year of so later, I literally saved a two year old girl from drowning in a pool.

18. I was expelled from Christian school in grade seven for trying a puff of my friends asthma inhaler. I was eleven years old & simply curious. They (the dean & other weirdos at the school) said I was trying to get high off the asthma inhaler. One, is that even possible? Two, bitch please! Either way I’m sooo glad I was expelled. I cannot imagine having to be in that prison for all of the years that followed.

19. Speaking of the word “Christian”… I am an atheist. I debated sharing that for fear of losing religious readers, but hey I am me & my favorite part of me is my brain, so bada-boom-bada-bang.

20. I’ve lived in the following cities; Columbia SC, Jacksonville FL (currently), Thousand Oaks CA, Los Angeles CA, Monrovia, CA & Warner Robins GA. Thousand Oaks is my favorite of the six & I would love to move back there. I also toy with the idea of moving to Orlando or Miami FL. If I ever get rich then hello Kauai HI.

21. As soon as we own a home (as opposed to renting), we plan to get anywhere from two-six goats & one or two pigs. The pigs will be potty-trained to be indoors. They will be large as there is no such thing as a teacup pig that doesn’t get huge eventually AND they will of course ALL be rescues (ew to breeding & buying, duh!)

Happy 28th Birthday To Me + 28 Facts About Me

22. Soccer is the only sport that I enjoy watching other people play. I played soccer for twenty-two seasons, left-forward. I would honestly love to get in better cardiovascular shape & join an adult rec league, but IDK if that’s physically possible now.

23. I can say all fifty states in alphabetical order in one breath. It takes me sixteen seconds. Yes it’s been timed, many times. I’m still wondering how to make the big bucks off of my talent.

24. I hate most smells that the majority of people like, for example, Christmas trees, cinnamon, flowers, etc. Perfume is the worst, it even gives me a headache. If you ever see a sponsored post on my blog for perfume, know I sold out, & stop reading my blog immediately. (Disclaimer; my favorite smells are baked goods, like blueberry muffins, banana bread, etc, so if I could smell like any of those all of the time, well those are exceptions.)

25. I despise driving. Lorenzo is my main chauffeur, & I have others. Haha. I will drive when I have to, but I’m currently on the longest streak thus far; twenty-five months. (Fact number 25.5? I have a near perfect memory, that’s how I know exactly when, where, & why I last drove).

26. Some people count sheep to fall asleep. I count syllables. Yep. I literally count syllables to songs, starting with the letter “a” & moving down the alphabet until I eventually pass out.

27. I cry basically every single day of my life. When you live life as a vegan having to constantly see people support the enslavement, rape, torture, suffering, & death of innocent animals, it’s extremely upsetting. As is knowing I physically / financially cannot do more to help those in need (regardless of species) than what I’m already doing. I do also cry happy tears on the regular. My relationship with my husband is beautiful, & it brings tears of joy to my eyes. I am also super sappy & any movie, commercial, story, etc can have me balling in no time.

28. I didn’t lose my last baby tooth until age sixteen. I didn’t stop growing in height until age twenty-five. I broke my first bone at age twenty-seven point nine nine nine. And I’ve yet to grow boobs, so I guess you could say I’m a late bloomer …

Happy 28th Birthday To Me + 28 Facts About Me

That wraps up 28 facts about me on my 28th birthday. Hopefully you still like me, even with all of my weirdness. Later dudes!

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XOXO, Kara


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