My Favorite Metallic Fashion Pieces Right Now

I absolutely love the metallic look & today I’m sharing some of my favorite fashion finds in bronze, silver, & gold. Every item in this post can easily be dressed up or dressed down. And every item in this  post is less than $150. Yay!

We will start with BRONZE! I feel like people often forget about or overlook this color.  It does seem to be more of a rare find in fashion, & that’s part of why it may be my favorite on this list. From rose-toned bronze, to rusted-bronze, & every shade in between, they are all stunning & worthy of more recognition.

Bronze, Silver And Gold Pieces You Want For Your Closet



FAIR true brown t shirt

Lime crime lipstick


Next up is SILVER. For the majority of my life I was all about silver. All of my jewelry was silver, I had silver shoe laces, silver glitter (that I put on everything, including 3/4 of my body, haha), silver gel pens, silver pajamas, basically if something came in silver, I had to have it. So now I always feel a bit of nostalgia when wearing the color. I love how it can be youthful & quirky (think “Zenon: Girl Of The 21st-Century-esque”), rock-and-roll inspired, or perfectly sleek & sophisticated.

Bronze, Silver And Gold Pieces You Want For Your Closet


Last up, we have GOLD. It wasn’t until my early 20’s that I even liked the color gold, but it has since become one of my absolute favorites, heck, it was even one of our wedding colors. There’s just something so timeless and glamourous about gold. I also appreciate the fact that gold matches EVERYTHING! Seriously, try to think of a color that gold cannot compliment. There’s no such thing!

Bronze, Silver And Gold Pieces You Want For Your Closet



So what’s your favorite out of these metallic colors? Bronze? Silver? Gold? There is no wrong answer! I want EVERYTHING on these lists! That silver ASOS bag, I’m ordering in like 5 seconds. I’ll also be sharing some looks w some of these items that I already have in my closet, so stay tuned!

XOXO, Kara