My Favorite Green Fashion Pieces Right Now

A little over a wk ago, I celebrated one year smoke free. That evening I had a little shindig that I called, “Kara’s Favorite Things 1 Year No Smoking Anniversary Celebration” (quite the mouthful, I see, lol). Anywho since cigarettes USED to be one of my favorite things, but no longer are, I had a party with some of my current favorite things. I invited all of my favorite people, served all of my favorite foods & drinks, had décor in all of my favorite patterns,  & we played one of my favorite games. On my invites I requested that everyone wear their favorite color. My favorite color is green, & I was surprised to learn that about 50% of my party guest feel the same. I truly love all shades of green, but my favorites are; mint, kelly green, & emerald. Today I’m sharing some of my favorite finds in my favorite shades of green.

We will start with MINT. I honestly don’t own many mint fashion pieces myself. As you know, I’m quite fair skinned, so I tend to stick to brighter &/or deeper colors that are more complimentary to my skin tone. Nonetheless, I still find mint to be an absolutely beautiful shade of green. One of my favorite nail polishes of all time is Wet-N-Wild’s “I Need A Refresh-Mint” & if I ever have a human child, I love the idea of mint-colored walls for their bedroom, regardless of gender.





Next up is KELLY GREEN, aka my literal number one favorite color in the universe. A few months ago, I was out to dinner with friends, when one of them asked all of us what our favorite color was & why. She was expecting each of us to have a deep reason for why. I, however, don’t really have any reason other than it pleases my eyeballs the most. Haha. I mean I do like that it can match a lot of things including all shades of denim, though I love pairing green with black above all else. I also believe gold, silver, & bronze all look equally fabulous paired with kelly green, which is not something that all colors can say, you know if colors could talk. But I don’t have some deep life-changing story involving the color green, nor does it have anything to do with nature, or money, or whatever.






Last, but not least… EMERALD! The first adjective that comes to mind when I think of the color emerald is “striking”! I think even in the most casual of looks, there’s something quite glamourous about the color. It was ALMOST our wedding color. We went with ivory, gold, & eggplant, but I debated switching out the eggplant for emerald for months. When Lorenzo & I renew our vows in 13, 23, or whatever years, emerald will then get it’s moment, haha.




That’s it for today’s favorite green fashion pieces. I hope you enjoyed them! What’s your favorite shade of green? Or your favorite color in general for that matter?

XOXO, Kara


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