Comfort Before Style?

Comfort vs style, what's more important to you?

For the longest time, starting in middle school my fashion motto was, “Style before comfort”. Just as it reads, if it was a great outfit look-wise, that’s all that mattered, regardless of how freakishly uncomfortable it may have been to wear. That covered everything from; heavy-ass earrings, to bodysuits so tight breathing was literally compromised, to 7″ blister & pain resulting stilettos, & every uncomfortable article of clothing in between. Lately, however, my motto has changed. Not to the exact opposite of “Comfort Before Style” [notice the meaningful question mark in this blog post title], but to the “Try to be both stylish & comfortable, but if you have to lean one way or the other, comfort is almost for sure going to win, excluding special event outfits”. That fashion motto has quite the ring to it, doesn’t it!?

Comfort vs style, what matters more to you?

Comfort vs style, what's more important to you?

Don’t get me wrong, I still love those heavy-ass earrings, compromised breathing bodysuits, painful stilettos, etc. And I do still wear the ones I already have & even continue to buy new ones. But not nearly as often as I used to. Comfort is now something that I actually really look for when buying clothes. Oversized pieces, lightweight pieces, comfortable materials, shoes w some cushion to the sole, etc are the articles of clothing that I really like these days. Rational pieces! Take this outfit I’m wearing in today’s blog post for example… My shirt is a loose fit in pleasing material. My pants are fitted to be flattering on the legs & tuchus, but still allow enough flexibility to move without fear of ripping. And my slides are super comfortable, I could walk in them all day long w no pain, in fact I did just that.

Comfort vs style, which is more important to you?

Comfort vs style, which is more important to you?

I’m not sure if the drastic change in my prioritizing of comfort vs style is just from getting older, giving less a care what others think, a combo of the two, something else I cannot think of, or what, but such is the case. What are your thoughts? What matters more to you? Style, or comfort?

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XOXO, Kara



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