My Top Highlights Of 2017

My Top Highlights Of 2017

Much to my surprise, 2017 actually didn’t go by all that fast to me. Sure some of the months flew by, but the year as a whole actually feels quite lengthy in comparison to years prior, so that’s pretty cool! My 2017 was filled with special anniversaries, huge milestones, & plenty of “firsts”. Today I’m sharing my top highlights of 2017.

My Top Highlights Of 2017


January 27th, 2017 marked TEN years since Lorenzo & I went on our very first date. We decided to celebrate our “Ten year first date anniversary” by going back to where it happened – a regal cinema by the beach that he & I had only been to ONCE ever – for our first date. It was so crazy to be back there. I had butterflies just like I did on our very first date. A couple of weeks later, we went on a trip to South Florida (Ft. Lauderdale, Hollywood, & Miami) to celebrate ten years since he asked me to be his girlfriend (Feb 12th) + ten years since I took his virginity (haha) anniversary (Feb 14th). It was a lovely trip! This year has been amazing for us! August 1st marked two years married & I absolutely love being Lorenzo’s wife! I fall more in love w that handsome man each & every day.

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My Top Highlights Of 2017


I’ve mentioned it quite a few times but that’s because I’m sooooooo damn proud of it. What is “it”? Oh the fact that I made it to ONE year smoke free this year!! That was allllllll the way back in May, so as of today I have gone 19.33 months without smoking & I’m the champion of the world! I won’t lie I still get a craving here & there, mostly when I’m super annoyed or mad, but I never cave in & I know that I never will. I wish I could say that I feel a lot healthier, but my autoimmune diseases + severe anxiety kind of fuck that up. My average resting heartrate has gone down by around 22bpm though, so that’s nice! It’s great to live life without a constant pounding heart making me think I’m going to have a heart attack at any moment. Also despite the fact that I still don’t feel like a million bucks, I do KNOW that my risk of heart disease & lung cancer are way down since I quite smoking & will only continue to go down as I stay smoke-free (forever). Yay!

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My Top Highlights Of 2017


I traveled a lot less than usual this year (thanks anxiety), but there were still some totally awesome trips! Austin is a yearly must & a fav of mine. Atlanta was better than ever after years of being away & especially as a vegan since holy moly the food is some of the best in the US! Etc. But there is no doubt that this years number one travel highlight was Lorenzo’s 30th Birthday trip to Puerto Vallarta, MX. It was my first time out of the country ever & it was absolutely amazing – life-changing! I cannot annunciate my love for PV enough. Lorenzo & I seriously consider moving there if it’s ever rationally possible. If you’re in the planning of where to go in 2018 stage, I HIGHLY recommend PV!

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My Top Highlights Of 2017


Every single day, my biggest highlight is spending time cuddled up & playing with our fur-kid’os, so of course I have to mention that as a yearly highlight this (& every) year. Some more specific highlights w my babies this year include; watching our cat Oliver become BFFL w our doggies (he was terrified at first), having Sadie finally get to a healthy weight (after years of struggling), celebrating her 10th birthday, park days, & just lots of love!! I cannot believe that Lorenzo & I only have to make it five more days to make it an entire year without adding an animal to our family. We have added a minimum of one fur-kid’o a year to our family EVERY year since 2008. We really can’t add any more permanent fur-kid’os to our fam, but we can add temporary ones, & we do so by fostering. We have rescued, fostered, & rehomed animals in need for the last seven years & this year was no different. This year we fostered four separate litters of orphaned kittens. All of which totally touched our hearts!

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My Top Highlights Of 2017

As overwhelming & at times even depressing it can be for another year to come & go (because of the whole getting older with ever year & inevitably dying at some point thing), I am so stoked for 2018! I will start working on my 2018 goals & plans blogpost in the next day or two, for now I’ll just say that I have a feeling it will be one of the most exciting & amazing years of my life. I hope everyone has had a great 2017 filled with tons of great memories to last a lifetime. Let’s all make these last several days of 2017 count!

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